Company History...
Our TAS solution was conceived early 1999 and the first system rolled out in 2000 to support an 8 seat answering service.
We currently have clients within the Continental US and Canada.

We NOW offer a full featured TAS solution integrated with Asterisk-based Telephony. Asterisk Free-Ware downloads have exceeded 3 million downloads worldwide proving to be the leader in Call Center PBX's.

TASterix's Objective...
To provide a full featured, reliable, and cost effective TAS solution which is readily available and not vendor reliant.

Any TAS solution today, even with many technological advances, should not impair your productivity and profitability as a business owner.

To educate all TAS owners about Asterisk-based Telephony and how TASterix, integrated with Asterisk-based Telephony can provide unequaled staff productivity and profitability.

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